Our Story
A good story always begins with a lead in like, ‘one day I received a call from…’
Well, this is exactly how it happened. Two friends who happen to share a passion for high quality and natural products stumbled upon a great opportunity to bring their favorite brands to the public. Who wouldn’t jump on that? So, they went about creating an online marketplace filled with products they love and use every day and, with just a click to purchase, the items would appear directly on a customer's doorstep.  
This is truly a revolution in the way we shop, eat and care for ourselves and our families!  We love sharing and talking about all the great natural alternatives out there and how we can improve our health and lifestyles by incorporating better quality, natural products into our diets, our medicine cabinets and in our homes.  Now we have a place to send everyone who shares a similar passion for seeking out the best they can find from a wide-range of trusted sources.
What happens next is history in the making!
We’re hopeful you’ll love all the natural products we’ve curated just for you. And we’re also hopeful that if there are brands that you don’t see on our site, you’ll let us know right away so we can do our best to accomodate your request.
Friends, it takes a village to create real change and we are thrilled you’ve joined our community of like-minded individuals.  We are so excited to share this online shopping experience filled with our favorite things.  We also look forward to helping you save lots of your hard earned dollars while also enjoying the convenience of having products delivered straight to your doorstep.
We know that eating healthy and taking good care of yourself isn’t a luxury…it’s a necessity!  And that's the main reason we have created The Wellness Box, a natural products online marketplace offering a selection of well-curated, healthy and nutritious products at affordable prices.
Happy Shopping!

Marka & Valerie